Every year we support & donate to charities including Air Ambulance, Blood Bikes, Cancer Research, Parkinsons & Treetops hospice.    The main charity we support is Soldiers Off The Street which we are sure you’ll agree is a worthy cause.

In 2017 we sponsored & supported Kevin Hayden in his epic challenge to drive 23,000 km across Europe in a 22 year old 1.1 litre Ford Fiesta in 18 days, raising over £5000 and spreading awareness for this fantastic cause.








MANY thanks once again for the wonderful donation to support our work on developing new treatments for cancer – every penny will be used to pay for a new vaccine for prostate cancer which we are currently developing.

We also had a great time at the event and I hope that it went well.

The very generous donation will be used to support a project which is focussed on developing a new treatment for cancer. One of the key problems with the treatment of cancer using currently available strategies is the fact that cancers can be very different and so one drug does not treat all. In fact, even the same type of cancer (e.g. breast, prostate) can be very different between patients. It is therefore important to discover a feature of cancer cells which we can target with new drugs that is common to all cancers.

Many thanks once again for your support – this is much appreciated by everyone in the Centre.

With best wishes

Professor A. Graham Pockley, PhD
Associate Director
John van Geest Cancer Research Centre



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